Corrugated Box Flute Details and Types

Corrugated Flutes are the S shaped waves/arches of a corrugated box that makes up the board. This is called the boards corrugation. Flutes are essentially the reinforcement that make up the board. They run parallel to the depth of the container and give it its rigidity and crushing/stacking strength. As well as providing stacking strength, flutes also provide  nsulation that protects products from sudden temperature changes. Generally speaking, larger flutes like A & B profile provide greater strength and cushioning, while smaller flute profiles like D & E provide better printability and foldability. 'A” flutes have 30-35 flutes per foot and are 4.8mm thick. They provide the highest arch size. B flutes have 42-50 flutes per foot and are 3.2mm thick. They provide the second highest arch size. B flutes provide good stacking strength and crushing resistance. Ideally used for canned goods and displays. C flutes have 39-43 flutes per foot and are 4mm thick. They are the medium between A flute and B flute and are very common. C flutes provide good cushioning, stacking and printing properties. Ideally used for glass, furniture and dairy. 'D' flutes have 120 -130 flutes per foot and are 0.8mm thick. E flutes have 94 flutes per foot and are 1.6mm thick. The board profile is super-thin which in turn reduces box size and saves store space. E flutes provide the greatest crush resistance and a super printing surface which make it an excellent choice for diecut custom boxes.


Corrugated Board Strength

Board strength are all the factors that define how strong the box should be. There are a number of questions you must ask yourself before you can accurately asses how strong a particular box should be manufactured to be such as: ?

  • The nature of the products being packaged ?
  • The total weight of the box ?
  • The size of the box ?
  • How the cardboard box will be stacked, stored, and transported.

Boxmaster provides you with two different levels of customization options when selecting box strength. The first is the flute type and the second is using the edge crush test.