About Corrugation Packaging

No other packaging material offers the benefits of corrugated box. It maximizes protection while being space efficient, it is outstandingly versatile and has a fast design-to-delivery turnround. Add to this the economic benefits arising from increased production efficiency in the industry, and you can see why corrugated packaging is hard to beat.
The world is changing and the most successful companies will be those that best understand the new conditions for business. Partnership will become essential practice as organizations pool specialized skills and knowledge to gain competitive advantage.
This is something the corrugated packaging industry has long realized. It offers complete packaging solutions based on new and innovative products and processes, and companies are entering joint partnership arrangements to build specialized packaging plant. Major investment in new technoloty and manufacturing plant is achieving new operating economics, which the industry passes on to its customers. Technology advances are complemented by 100 years experience of solving problems. Above all the industry listens. Whether you need to improve food preservation, protect electronic devices, or find more economic ways to distribute and store products, the corrugated packging industry continues to discover new and surprising answers.
These are the key reasons why corrugated packaging is so popular. Wherever it can be used, it usually is. More than two thirds of the worlds retailed commodities are packed and transported in it- more than all other types of packaging put together.

Box Strength
The process of Corrugation involves the shaping the paper into the shape of a wave. The fluting media paper or the kraft paper is passed via heated corrugated rolls for getting a wave like continuous rolling shape, which are known as flutes. When they are viewed vertically they resemble a row of columns which are the basic structural form which can support a high amount of weight. While from a horizontal view, these flutes are arches which form the basic structure that has cushioning properties. This amalgamation of arches and columns form a product which is much stronger than the paper used for making it. The type of flute which will be used depends on the properties There are six types of flutes manufactured in the market, and they are named as – A, B, C, E and F. The Box strength is divided into three categories – Three Ply, Five Ply and Seven Ply. When the fluted paper is stuck with the flat sheet of paper then it becomes a 2-ply corrugated board. When one fluted paper is stuck with two flat papers then it gets converted into 3-ply corrugated board. In the same way the 9-ply, 7-ply and the 5-ply corrugated boards are also manufactured by attaching several flat papers to the fluting paper.


 The corrugated boards are easy to cut into shapes and they can be folded into any desired directions. They can be created to produce containers, cases, cartons, boxes, fillers, supports and so on. These boxes restrict the movements and provide an inner cushioning to the products. The different forms and the shapes which have been mentioned above are known as “corrugates boxes” to sever the need for brevity. This corrugated board serves as great packaging materials and they offer different packaging ways to suit the requirements of the different companies.

The international style of box depends on the configuration, transport, storage needs and packaging in order to form a standardized nomenclature all over the world. The regular slotted box is the most favored as it is very adaptable for use on most of the products and it is economical to manufacture. The other types of boxes which are high on demand include the auto slot carry home, self locking tray type and the lock bottom type boxes. The corrugated boxes, apart from serving as the transportation boxes, can also be used as accessories, inner fitments which are known as inherent fitments. They help to arrest the transit movements of the contents inside the outer box and cushion the fragile products from getting damaged during transportation.

Corrugated Packaging In Perspective

The packaging of products in the market in the recent times is modern and attractive and the packaging of the items makes it very convenient for the customer. Hence, packaging is a very important part and needs to be handled effectively as it can impact the success or failure of any product. Every product needs to be packed carefully so that they reach the end customers in their proper form. The packaging forms one of the most important parts of the marketing process and this is a result of the industrialization and the rapid urbanization which has taken over the country. The wide variety of the products available in the industry has brought with them awareness about the importance of packaging. This has converted the packaging industry into a very dynamic part of the economy. Even during exporting the products, packaging helps to get higher returns in terms of value of the product. The corrugated packaging is the most efficient, secure, economical and versatile means of packaging and hence 95% of the products in the western corrugated boxes for the transport containers as it is very viable and they are internationally accepted means of packaging. These corrugated boxes are environment friendly and help maintain the ecological balance, this makes them more popular.